The builders specs

scale length762 mm (30”)

weight approx 3,8 kg

string spacing52 mm @nut 17 mm individual @bridge

neck maple/purpleheart laminated x4 in centre strip

headstockLaminated front w. ebony / bubinga, back laminated with exotic wood. Gold logotype. 10 degrees angle

nut ebony

neck attachment 5x M6 machine bolts with RAMPA inserts. Easy on/off attachment for airplane travel

fretboard, west African, ebony.

dots on side only, clay dots.

fret lines in thin mahogany brown 24 with 32 note range, (fretted version has 26 frets)

bodyselected and centrelined alder

Ergonomics features: Thigh big cut lower body at bridge - for playing in classical guitar pose.

24th fret upper register cut.

Underarm cut.


tuners Hipshot ultralite black

bridge ETS with separate string anchors

Pickup Dual coil serial humbucker specially wound direct to jack. Wooden cover ebony/mahogany matching the headstock. Adjustment from back of body. Bal/unbalanced depending on what type of cable plugged in. No pots or switches, just straight to the Jack socket via High end studio grade cable.

finish satin matte thin 2-k special formulated hardness with infusion impregnated undercoats for extra rich colour.


The concept is a collaberation between Christian Olsson and Johan Maximilian and this Bass can only be ordered through BASSTRADERSWEDEN, we will help you with all the practical aspects of payment, shipping and delivery date.

If you want to order a bass with other specs, then that has to be done through Christian.

We are very proud of this piece of art and also very humble that Christian let us in and listened to all of our thoughts.  Please be confident in a first class instrument that will be there for you all the way...

Order Limited Edition PURE ART 2024, only one will be made! (estimated to arrive in February 2024)

6 STRINGS, the bass is default at 17 mm but can be adjusted between (centre to centre) 16,3 -17,7 mm

Price 85 000 SEK The 2024 will be exactly as the fretless below but with ebony top so all in black!

You can still choose if you want it Fretted or Fretless? Headstock it is the one to the furthest right ->

26 frets with Slap cutaway between fingerboard and PU or
24 lined fretless with
with fingerboard going all the way to the PU covering 32 notes. 

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Price is 85 000 SEK 

Add on the optional Tonebox for 3 switchable Highpass passive filters with tone adjustment for an extra 2.900 SEK



We wanted to design a Bass with no compromise using everything we learned after playing bass for 40 years. 

During our many meetings with good coffee at UNICORN and the mindset of nerds that talk about every detail and with our experience with a background in playing and building basses for many years, we came to an conclusion.

We wanted a bass with the best ergonomics, design, feeling and sound!  This resulted in a new bass design:

No Knobs - Pure clean design

Artistic woodlayering on head 

PU wood cover matching the headstock

No electronics

Originial Wood color

Neck with Maple/Purple heart 6 pieces layering

Matte Satin finish

All screws from backside of body -  life lasting

Extended 32 note fingerboard (fretless version)