The builders specs

scale length762 mm (30”)

weight 3.6 kilos

bridge HIP SHOT 17,5 mm spacing

headless design

ebony fretboard

dots on side only

bodyselected and centrelined alder

2 super J Pickups neck in serial and bridge in paralell

finish satin matte

Ergonomics features:
Light weight

tuners Hipshot ultralite black

The MTD headless Bass

We have designed an MTD with a Basstradersweden twist in the design. There are no knobs, only 1 switch on the front, for selecting the Super J pickups 3 ways (neck,/both/bridge) and an activ/passive switch. (Actual bass one  the  left)

Selected Alder wood and ebony fingerboard, 24 frets

This is our choice to fill an need for a high end headless bass 

No Knobs - Pure clean design

Active electronics hidden inside cavity

Originial Wood color

Matte Satin finish

 24 frets 

SOLD 69.000 SEK 5% discount if you buy via our paypal. New orders on its way.