Ordering the UNICORN PURE ART Bass

Ordering the PURE ART Bass

The concept is a collaberation between Christian Olsson and Johan Maximilian and this Bass can only be ordered through BASSTRADERSWEDEN, we will help you with all the practical aspects of payment, shipping and delivery date.

If you want to order a bass with other specs, then that has to be done through Christian.

We are very proud of this piece of art and also very humble that Christian let us in and listened to all of our thoughts.  Please be confident in a first class instrument that will be there for you all the way...

Order Limited Edition PURE ART 2024, only one will be made! (estimated to arrive in November 2023)

Remember, there is only 2 choices to be made. We did all the hard work for you.

The first and most obvious choice:

STEP 1: How many strings?

4 STRINGS, the bass is default at 19 mm but can be adjusted between (centre to centre at bridge) 17,75-20,25 mm
Price 73 000 SEK

5 STRINGS, the bass is default at 18 mm but can be adjusted between (centre to centre) 17,1-18,8 mm

Price 76 000 SEK

6 STRINGS, the bass is default at 17 mm but can be adjusted between (centre to centre) 16,3 -17,7 mm

Price 79 000 SEK

STEP 2: Fretted or Fretless?

26 frets with Slap cutaway between fingerboard and PU or
24 lined fretless with
with fingerboard going all the way to the PU covering 32 notes. (pictured below and above)

STEP 3: Book this bass today

email us:

to get payment info for downpayment and to book the bass.

Price is 73 000 - 76 000 - 79 000 SEK 
(4, 5 or 6 string)

Add on the optional Tonebox for 6 switchable Highpass passive filters with tone adjustment for an extra 3.900 SEK